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Who we are

The NOAH group is one of Bangladesh’s oldest and most respected business conglomerates in the Cookware and kitchen appliances sector.
Established in 1968, NOAH group is continuously scaling the heights of success. We take personal interest in the quality of the Nonstick cook wares, pressure cooker, stainless steel, aluminum and Anodised Cook wares. The organization has been able to maintain its distinct identity due to its understanding of customers’ requirements.
The company is equipped with latest machinery for production and quality control and this is the reason that since the very beginning the progress chart has shown upward trend. Royalex Metal industries is a company that encourage its distributors and dealers to perform better by offering them with attractive discounts and motivating its customers to do more better in this competitive markets among other similar products in the market by providing after sales service on time and better relationship and understanding between the distributors and our strong sales marketing team.

The company invests heavily in promoting its product by they way of print and media by participating in national wise and international wise exhibition and trade fairs. This has made the brand NOAH popular Household Brand name.

On our site we cater specially to selling kitchenware and cookware to consumes in Bangladesh and NOAH with its quality product is given the opportunity to international Market by exporting some of its popular items. The social and economic justification is the satisfaction of customer wants and needs when it comes to cooking utensil and appliances products. This is why our goal is to maintain some of the most innovative and interesting cookware and kitchenware products to be found on the cooking utensil and appliance market.

Customer satisfaction is our obsession. We do our best to make sure that our products meet or exceed your expectations. We keep the cost low for world class premium quality cookware and cooking utensil products. Beside the cost advantage we are proud to offer our commitment in service and after-sale support. We do not pursue one-time transactions: instead, we try to cultivate relationship. We aim to be the best in running a distribution and service system that is flexible and friendly.

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Why word NOAH?

NOAH was sent as a reminder, to give the people a change to repent and be forgiven, and to find mercy Allah commanded NOAH to build a ship by his inspiration. As he was building the ship, the chieftains passed him and mocked him. Upon its completion, the ship was loaded with animals and NOAH’s house hold. The people who denied the message of NOAH drowned. The son of NOAH was also one of them. The last details is not apparent in any other sources, and Qur’an takes it as a proof of its.

NOAH is called a grateful servant. Among the seed of (NOAH ( and Abraham) is placed the prophet hood and the scripture.